Hey Hey Hey, It’s a Facebook Stalker

So, I’m sitting here in the library. I have 2 assignments due on Friday that I’ve barely even looked at. Stressed out of my mind. What am I doing?

Stalking people on social media.


“Girl, whatchu doin?” by Donna Bajada, 2017


I bet you have a lot of thoughts regarding that statement. I mean, firstly: A.J. Get off your damn phone, you have assignments to do. Secondly: why are you STALKING people? Like, that’s super intense even for you. But think about it. When are we not stalking people on social media? We’ve reached the point when we have developed apps actively allowing people to monitor what we’re doing at any given time. We’ve coined the term ‘Facebook Stalking’ to justify our behavior when it comes to surveilling others. Yet, we never really stop to consider just how far our actions could be considered stalking. When does surveillance on social media cross the line and become stalking?


According to an article written by Daniel Trottier, he classifies surveillance on social media into two categories. There’s Facebook “creeping” or “a milder version of stalking”, and Facebook “stalking”, which is observing and attaining content on Facebook with an express interest to monitor another person (Trottier, 2012). By labelling these actions in a negative light, it’s almost as if we’re frowning upon the task of perusing through other people’s content on social media. Despite this, it’s still an incredibly socially acceptable form of procrastination everyday task.


In a study conducted surrounding the relationship between relationships and surveillance on social media, it was determined that an extremely common theme is that of monitoring former partners. “Preoccupied and fearful exes retain access to their former partners’ lives. Maintaining this virtual connection with one’s ex may enhance feelings of uncertainty about the future of a relationship that, without social media, may have had a clearer and more certain ending” (Fox and Warber, 2014).


“I Facebook stalk myself when I think no one’s watching” by A.J. Ellwood, 2017


While I’ve certainly highlighted many of the issues and problems surrounding surveillance on social media, we can’t deny the somehow addictive and positive qualities it holds. Down to the sharing of cat videos, events, drunken Snapchat stories, memes, and even ideas that we wouldn’t otherwise see if we didn’t allow ourselves a bit of freedom to stalk other people on social media. Besides, given that we allowed ourselves to have accounts on social media and constantly share what we’re doing/thinking/feeling with other, aren’t we also conceding to being stalked by others.

So, when it all comes down to it. We’re all stalkers and we’re all being stalked. It’s the new circle of life on a digital scale. Instead of being eaten by lions, we’re being consumed by the amount of time we dedicate to social media. That was a metaphor and a half. But seriously, from one stalker to another: it’s all ok. We all do it. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

(Plz stalk me @HeyHeyHeyItsAJ on Twitter or sarahellwood14 on Snapchat for quality drunken stories #shamelessplug)



Trottier, D. (2012). Interpersonal surveillance on social media. Canadian Journal of Communication, 37(2), 319-332.
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Bajada, D. (2017). “Girl, whatchu doin?”.
Ellwood, A. (2017). “I Facebook stalk myself when I think no one’s watching”.


36 thoughts on “Hey Hey Hey, It’s a Facebook Stalker

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  1. Hey AJ,
    This was thoroughly entertaining and I giggled at some of your comments. I thought you did a great job at making your post personable and your choice of language was perfect ‘blog style’- not too informal but it was complimented with humour and little quirks (for example the line through some of your sentences.) I liked that you got inspiration for your blog through your self proclaimed procrastination and thought it was clever of you to tie that into your theme. I also thought you expressed some points/experiences that would be familiar to all of us. I liked that your arguments were balanced and addressed both sides of using media. I believe this makes for great deliberative discourse. The only suggestion I would make would be to add more material on the topic. I think this would have supported your writing and reinforced your points even more. I would have loved to see more of the relational issues this type of media may exacerbated (as you briefly touched on this) I feel this would have further qualified some of your points. This is just an example of one ☺
    https://www.google.com.au/client=safari&channel=mac_bm&gws_rd=cr&ei=SjqUWfPFB4nk0gL3g6-gDg “Facebook and Relationships: A Study of How Social Media Use is Affecting Long-Term Relationships.”

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  2. Hey AJ,great post! I loved the overall tone of your piece, the humor and anecdotes gave it a very personal feel and a lot of your points were #relatable. I agree with you that ‘stalking’ does sound a little intense, I prefer to think of it it as select individual background reconnaissance. Its funny that this has become such a norm in today’s world, and I think if you told people 50 years ago that one day you could see someones digital profile of their lives with a click they’d tell you that was some dark magic. Or a fantastic procrastination tool. Anyway, on I stalk,keep up the great work!

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  3. Hi AJ,

    I’ve stumbled across your blog this afternoon and can’t stop reading. I’m finding them to be very engaging and humours. I feel as though you really let your personality shine through your writing. I think using some polls or surveys within your piece could have aided to the topic, especially where you state that ‘we are all stalkers’ just to get a gauge on if other people agree with you here. This is only a minor suggestion and your piece still works exceptionally well as is. Keep up the great work!!


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  4. Hey Aj, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your style of writing is very engaging this is due to the humour you have incorporated into your writing style. This is what made your blog different and stand out. The use of your images is good because they relate to your blog but there is still that humour which is present in them. With all this humour though you still managed to keep your blog in somewhat of a formal way with the quotes and references. It adds evidence to support your article and it shows you know what your blog topic is about. overall great blog!

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  5. Hi Aj, I absolutely loved this blog post haha. I definitely laughed at some of your comments and I think adding humour to a blog post makes is so much more engaging and enjoyable. All the points you made were extremely accurate and relatable, I 100% stalk (internet people watch*) online! I also really liked that the pictures you included were of yourself, super creative and funny! I thought it was such a good idea that you put a line through some words and sentences, so creative! Overall, I think you do really well on this blog post and the only thing I would recommend for next time is adding your creativity to your tweets like including a poll or even a video to help back up your arguments.
    Well done 🙂

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  6. Great blog A.J. a really fun read. There’s a great use of your use of yourself and your own images, it really adds to the idea that we all do a bit of ‘stalking’ from time to time, one or two external sources however may have just given your points a bit more support. I like the language and whit you’ve maintained throughout the post, it has made it a very enjoyable read!

    I think you’ve used great comments from your own twitter to back up your points and opinions and love the section about exes, I believe social media complicates all breakups, what do you think? Thanks A.J.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback ❤ I'll definitely try to add more sources for future posts. I think, now more than ever, the whole social media dynamic in relationships (especially in the case of breakups) makes everything so much more complicated #21CenturyProblems


  7. This is a very entertaining post. The languages and the author selfish used in the post are very impressive to me. The personal language used in this post used in this post makes it very readable and it closes the distance between authors and readers. The argument from author is very convincing and very insightful. It is a very learning post for me in the aspect of media. From my suggestion, if the post can add more materials, it will be better. It is too short now. However there is a big problem about this blog that its background is totally black. Without highlighting, we can not see anything.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ I'd love to make it longer but the word limit makes that a bit difficult, however I'll definitely try to add more content into it. The background shouldn't be appearing like that though? I'm not sure why it appeared like that for you, but I'm so sorry 😦


  8. Hey AJ,
    I love this blog! A really fun read! I like the humor in your blog, it’s made me laugh and I found them to be very enjoyable. The humorous and personal language used were totally blog style and very easily to understand. you I definitely agree with you that we are all stalkers and we are all being stalked. Just like you said, this is a new circle on digital age. Some of your points would be familiar for all of us. I think social media is a very complicated problem in modern society, especially when it connects to privacy. I really liked you constant use of pictures and embedded tweets it really relate your blog and kept reader engaged, so creative! The only thing that I want to suggest you is add more media materials in your blog, such as a Youtube or podcast, that would make your blog more supportive. Overall, a very interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Hi AJ! To start, amazing blog! I like your use of the creative heading: Hey, Hey, It’s a Facebook Stalker, I feel like it reels more readers in. The language you’ve used in your blog gives the blog a witty and casual touch, love it! Some nice scholarly sources used, I especially like the scholarly reference about Daniel Trottier defining social media surveillance into two categories. Your blog structure included an introduction, body and conclusion, which made the content look neat and easy to follow and read! Some things to consider for next time is adding three tweets and three images, as I believe the requirement was three tweets and three pictures, also I feel with the arguments presented you could have gone into them more depth to provide a stronger finish, other then that awesome effort!

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    1. Thank you so so much ❤ I will definitely be putting a bit more media into my next blogs to flesh them out a bit. I wish we didn't have a word limit, I think I could talk about facebook stalking all day haha.


  10. A.J., your blog had me in stitches! The satire used had me weak. Your opening sentence set the scene for a great post and it didn’t hurt that I found it so incredibly relatable! The embedded tweets complimented your work perfectly and flowed extremely well. Your blog was super easy to follow, as you had it structured appropriately. You made a fantastic correlation that I wanted to note – not only do we ‘stalk’ others but by having a social media account in the first instance, it inevitably invites others to ‘stalk’ us! A simple, yet interesting concept. Keep up the good work! – Nicole

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  11. Hi A.J.
    I love your writing style because it is humorous! I really enjoy such a blog post which not only have good references in correct Harvard style referencing but also the writing is interesting. The situation you have mentioned in the beginning is very close to our daily life, to me, I also can not get rid of social media and “stalking” friends’ news even lots of assignments are waiting for me. Yes, we are all being stalking when we stalking to others but we all can not stop this circle. Just a little suggestion, as your images are interesting, I hope to see you post some images in your tweets as well, it could make your tweets more interesting. Keep the good work and I am looking forward to see your next blog post!


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  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post A.J! Firstly, layout of the blog post was set out beautifully, and captured my attention immediately. I enjoyed your style of writing throughout the piece. It was not only informative, but used subtle humour and personalisation to make it interesting. The quotes you used from scholarly sources help to validate your opinions. You did a fantastic job of engaging the reader! One little thing though, it would have been nice to see different images used rather than the same one. However, that’s only a little thing and the piece was enjoyable to read, good job!

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  13. What a quirky style of writing you have A.J! I had so much fun reading through this one and am happy to admit I have taken part in the occasional Facebook stalk of a cute stranger or past “acquaintance”. Your discussion around the ethics of stalking is fascinating, whilst I agree that mostly it is done with pure intentions, undeniably there is also the possibility for vulnerable users (arguably younger users) to be at a certain level of risk using these apps. Especially with geolocation technologies it can spell a recipe for disaster – in the future I’d love to further hear your opinion around the ethics of Facebook stalking, it’s an interesting debate. Again well done on such an awesome post – keep it up, you’ve defiantly got the knack for blogging.

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  14. Hi Aj, By reading the introduction, I can tell this blog post it’s going to be funny. I also think this kind of environment happens to everyone in this digital era. “People stalk and they are also being stalked” I like the point you mentioned here. Your writing style is really engaging to the readers, it makes me feel like I am not the only one. The tweets and the photos that you put here also make the readers more engage and understand the point you’re trying to say. What I really like here is, you could write a blog that is fun to read, so people will be interested to read your post but at the same time you’re also writing in formal way. Overall, Excellent work Aj!.

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  15. Hey there, AJ! I particularly enjoyed the use of humour just like everybody else! The blog post was an entertaining read and it helps readers engage in it as everyone loves a good laugh. It was nice to be able to relate to you because of your personal anecdotes that you have included in the blog post too! The use of pictures and embedding your own tweets added more depth to the post and made me want to see more of it. The quotes used also helped back up your arguments and add a sense of validity to the post despite it being quirky. Perhaps the only criticism I could give you is to use other media forms to give your blog post more variety. Nonetheless, awesome post!

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  16. Hi Aj. This is a very well constructed blog post. Firstly id like to mention your style of writing. You writing very academically, but at the same time you keep the reading interesting in your post and your point of view by using humor. It not only made me want to keep reading this post, but it made me want to read some of your other pieces (which by the way were great too!). I think facebook stalking is normal and something everyone does without realising it. In my opinion, the stalking can occur as a result of someone’s privacy settings. Hence if someone set’s their privacy so that everyone can see what they post, then they are opening themselves to be seen by the unknown. So i think it wouldn’t be crossing the line if one doesn’t have their privacy set to private.

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  17. Hey AJ,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. The title was really engaging and obviously links to the title of your WordPress account, which was clever and added a uniqueness to your blog.

    Your blog was easy to read and relatable. Your images were also really great and I felt that they summarised the whit and humour throughout the writing of of your blog

    You came across as well informed and you used some great resources, perhaps one more would have been the icing on the cake, though it’s not the largest word limit.

    Overall, really good job!

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  18. Hey AJ,
    First off, I know exactly what you’re talking about as far as assignments go. Secondly, I think the tone you take is very important. Using levity and humour for this topic is better than if you had taken a more formal/academic tone. You do well with the choice of subject matter as well. Facebook stalking is a concept that most, if not all of us are familiar with. You even relate it to your own experiences. It’s easier to grasp than any other pseudo-intellectual explanation of surveillance. Also, I really like the fact that you use your own image. It’s a simple picture yes, but the time taken to create and use your own elements to add on to the blog shows a level a care and effort that makes it that much better. I really enjoy reading this.

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