Some Like It Hot

Sometimes I think there is literally nothing on this planet hot chocolate cannot solve. Yes, it’s true that hot chocolate won’t fix economic problems, it won’t end wars, and it won’t patch up the hole in the ozone layer. But in the context of internal problems, I have reason to believe that hot chocolate is an emotional cure-all.

Unlike coffee and tea, hot chocolate doesn’t really have an end-game. Coffee keeps you awake, alert and focussed. Tea is beneficial for your physical health. Hot chocolate is just there. It won’t keep you awake, it won’t provide you with anti-oxidants. Hot chocolate is to be enjoyed, savoured, one of those things you order just because (and then hurriedly make the excuse that it was a one time thing because apparently “real adults” don’t order hot chocolate, they have black coffee while they fill out their tax returns and pay off their bills).

Hot chocolate to me is the sign that all is ok, or that everything will eventually be ok. I have coffee when I study for exams, I have hot chocolate when the exams are over and I anxiously await my results. I have tea when I’m on a health-kick, I have hot chocolate when I realise I’m feeling relatively body-positive and decide I don’t need a health-kick.

The above photo was taken during a coffee catch-up I had with my mother a few weeks ago. We were discussing my future and other family affairs which were preying on our minds, and as such I decided to order a hot chocolate. I call the photo, ‘im in love with the coco’.

Realistically, the photo means nothing. It’s just an Instagram photo of a hot chocolate, covered in filters and effects. Realistically, the hot chocolate means nothing. It’s just a hot drink that I ordered and happened to enjoy. Symbolically, however, that warm drink is the chicken soup to my soul. It’s the Band-Aid solution to my emotional paper cuts.

It’s hot chocolate.


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