Hey Hey Hey, It’s An Instagram ‘Shadowban’?

Omigod you guys. Ok. So. This is going to sound crazy, but I think (I THINK) that I, A.J. Ellwood, have been placed on an Instagram 'Shadowban'. https://www.instagram.com/p/BdtldSPldw-/?taken-by=heyheyheyitsaj #TresCray You might be wondering, "but most gracious and intelligent A.J., what on earth is a 'shadowban'? It sounds like a cult." And yes. It does sound... Continue Reading →


ONLINE DATING: Why You Always Lyin’?

https://youtu.be/FDBqpz4igQA   SO, I made a video on online dating: more specifically, how presentation of oneself online can influence online dating. I wanted to try and make it humorous and light, while still trying to discuss the topic with a bit of depth. In terms of the different strategies I used in the video, I’m... Continue Reading →


Team Member Names: KATE AMELIA LENTINI AJ ELLWOOD SAMSON BRODIE ANSON TONG TRISH PAPROCKY Group 16, was formed and created by the creative genius, Adam Brown. Once, we were just five Deakin University students who were unknown to each other, but now, we are a squad of rap superstars. With many hours and sleepless nights, we created a piece of... Continue Reading →

Hey Hey Hey, It’s A CCTV Camera

Story Time: so, I’m wandering through the hallway of my residence when I run into the guy I’ve been crushing on for the last couple of weeks. We flirt, he walks away, and I precede to do my overly embarrassing victory dance (complete with flailing arms) believing no one can see me. Well, imagine my... Continue Reading →

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